Three Things.

J. G. Bellett.

Christian Friend, vol. 13, 1886, p. 305.

1. We may so walk as to have ourselves in the presence of or in company with the Lord.

2. We may act so as to bring our fellow-saints or fellow-sinners into His presence or into His company.

3. We may be living so as to be keeping ourselves before our fellows and companions.

The first is the way of the worshipper.

The second is the activity of a true servant.

The third is the fruit of vanity, and want of single-heartedness, and will surely keep us uncertain, without joy or strength, and prove a snare as well as bitterness in the latter end.

* * *

Perseverance always characterizes true faith when the work is of God, be it ever so poor in appearance. The whole heart is in it, because it is of God. In times of difficulty, faith does not show itself in the magnificence of the result, but in love for God's work, however little it may be, and in the perseverance with which it is carried on through all the difficulties belonging to this state of weakness; for that with which faith is occupied is the city of God and the work of God, and these things have always the same value, whatever may be the circumstances in which they are found. J. N. Darby.