"Wait on the Lord."

H. A. C.

Christian Friend vol. 14, 1887, p. 301.

"They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength." Isa. 40:31.

"Wait on the Lord: be of good courage, and He shall strengthen thine heart." Ps. 27:14.

WAIT on the Lord, He shall thy strength renew;
In patience wait, His purpose is to bless,
And thou shalt prove His word divinely true,
And rise o'er all that seems but to distress.

All droop around, and faint, and feeble grow,
E'en youthful steps drag wearily along;
But wait on Him, and full soon thou shalt know
How He can turn thy weariness to song.

Renew thy strength, and by His power rise
On eagle pinions to those realms above,
Where God displays His glory in the skies,
And then to earth return, His strength to prove.

And thou shalt run, and still not weary grow;
Walk in His ways without once fainting here,
And by thy steps some drooping heart shall know
The power that comes from yonder heavenly sphere.
Col. 1:11.

Wait on the Lord. How blessed 'tis to wait,
To linger in His presence for a while;
To see Him on His glorious throne of state,
And read our welcome in His loving smile!

Tot less this joy than all the strength He gives,
Though strength is needed for our weakness here;
But joy and strength the waiting one receives,
And from his own delight can others cheer.
Job 22:29.

Mine be this portion, Lord, to wait on Thee,
And in Thy strength and joy to walk below,
Until in glory Thy blest face I see,
And with Thee, like Thee, all Thy fulness know.
H. A. C.