The Blind Beggar.

E. L. Bevir.
p. 55.

THE Servant's lowly pathway lies
Through cursed Jericho;
A vale of drought, of sightless eyes,
And ill-concealed woe.

Oh! what might change a valley sad,
And sight and healing bring?
What Trav'ller can make Baca glad,
And like a fountain spring?

What Power can change a valley sad
To life and joy serene?
Glory Divine, so humbly clad,
Jesus, the Nazarene.

"He stops and calls, and summons me;
Say, do I hear aright?"
… .
"What precious gift have I for thee?"
"Lord, to receive my sight."

He spoke, and straight in those blank eyes
The deep dark pupils roll;
Instinct with sense and meaning rise
The windows of the soul.

The soul perceives the Servant then
In the full light of day
The fairest sight to God or men,
And follows in His way.