His Name.

Christian Friend vol. 18, 1891, p. 224.
PRAISE the peerless name of Jesus,
Sing of Him forevermore;
Praise the precious name of Jesus,
Tell its value o'er and o'er.
Jesus Christ is God's salvation;
All who live through Jesus' name
Were in death and condemnation,
Heirs of Adam's sin and shame.
'Tis through Thy death, Lord Jesus,
Faith can life eternal claim.

Precious blood, the blood of Jesus,
Did for all my sins atone;
Sprinkled blood, the blood of Jesus,
Speaks for ever from the throne;
Telling how His life was given,
And that He who once was dead,
Son of man, God's Son from heaven,
Is the Saviour as He said.
Oh, precious blood of Jesus,
For a world of sinners shed!

At this name supreme of "Jesus"
"Every knee," God saith, "shall bow."
Lord of all, 'tis this same Jesus
Whom the world refuses now.
Every eye shall gaze upon Him,
Every tongue confess His name;
Every glory centres on Him
Wronged of men and put to shame.
None other name than Jesus,
God, His Father, doth proclaim.

Praise the peerless name of Jesus,
Tell of Him for evermore;
See Him in God's glory - Jesus,
Who the weight of judgment bore.
In the cross, Thy death, Lord Jesus,
God required what is past.
Thou art Alpha and Omega;
Thou art First, and Thou art Last.
Now in "the man Christ Jesus"
All God's counsel standeth fast. H. K. B.