Luke 9:57-58; 2 Samuel 15:19-22; John 12:26.
A. L. R.
Christian Friend vol. 18, 1891, p. 28.

"Lord, I will follow Thee whithersoever Thou goest."
How oft our hearts re-echo this; and He
Asks, in heart-searching tones, so true and tender,
"Know'st thou the path of those that follow me?"

As when of old the king, despised and lonely,
Disowned and wandering on the hill-side bare,
And one - a stranger and an exile only -
Sought even then his master's fate to share.

Knew he the path - the meed of shame and sorrow
Involved in following after David then?
Today the crossing Kidron, and the morrow
Dark with defection of the greatest men.

Knew he the ups and downs of desert wanderings?
Knew he the hardships that he there would find?
And did his heart, deep in its inmost ponderings,
Sigh for the rest and comfort left behind?

Only one thought the exile's heart engrosses,
Only one longing, one desire has he -
Surely in that place where my lord the king is,
Even there also will thy servant be."

Yea, it is David who his soul is filling;
And having him, nought else his soul can crave;
More than content to follow - aye, and willing
To have his present portion but a grave.

Greater than David may we seek to follow -
Keep our hearts ever and our eyes on Thee;
Knowing Thy word will soon come true in glory,
"And where I am there shall my servant be." A. L. R.