"I am the Root and the Offspring of David, and the Bright and Morning Star."

Revelation 22:16.
Christian Friend, vol. 18, 1891, p. 152.

The Morning Star is shining bright, though clouds my sky may fill.
Its gleams I catch, a pilgrim here, at peace with God and still.
And soon I know the day must break, yon Star its Herald there
Tells of the end of earth's long night and each deceiving snare.

Thou Morning Star! Herald of Day! Lord Jesus, can it be
That aught of night can chain the soul that's caught one glimpse of Thee?
This night aye filled with groans and woe, with agony and pain,
Whose darkest hour records one fact - "The Lord of Life was slain"?

Thou Morning Star! Lord, fix my gaze, nor ever let me be
By glittering toys of earth entranced, forgetful, Lord, of Thee.
Amid earth's roar I hear Thy voice, "The night is round thee now,
But my day of glory soon shall light thy worn and weary brow."

The Morning Star! I have its cheer, yet clearer may it shine -
A light to guide me all the way, lit up by love divine.
I lie within Thy bosom, Lord, the one Thy love has blessed;
Darkness may thicken, light is mine to Thine own eternal rest.

"And the spirit and the Bride say, COME." - Rev. 22:17.
H. C. Anstey, 1868.