Our Warfare.

H. C. Anstey.

Christian Friend vol. 19, 1892, p. 244.

What is the difference between the fighting in the wilderness and the fighting in Canaan as applied to us?

In the wilderness I say I am going on to rest, to Canaan, or to occupy heavenly ground. Here I have to meet Amalek and Balaam, who seek to stop me in my pilgrim course, the one by active opposition, the other by seduction.

In Canaan I say that I "am come" (Deut. 26:3) into the blessing, and I take the ground and character (the armour) of a heavenly man on earth. Then I have to meet all the power of the devil, who will contest this matter with me. I have to meet his wiles or his darts; but then it is as "strong in the Lord, and in the power of His might." It is not a question of my ability to meet the enemy. The conflict in heavenly places (which we should know now) is between Christ and Satan. I am there for Christ. In the wilderness the struggle is with Satan using the flesh, in the land the flesh is ignored. It does not cross Jordan. H. C. A.