Luke 10:38-42; John 11. 12.
She sat, withdrawn at Jesus' feet:
Was with Him in His own retreat:
Himself beheld and heard.
Thus learnt what He came forth to do,
The Father's Holy One and True,
The Everlasting Word.

'One thing is needful.' Mary's heart
Chose out the Good eternal part:
She hung upon His voice,
And He, her Saviour, Guardian, Friend,
Taught her His pathway to attend;
Confirming thus her choice.

He bid her live what He had said;
Bid storm-clouds gather o'er her head.
The Lord! … Where is He now?
Far, far from sight. To Mary, near.
Her Lazarus to Him so dear,
That Death His frame must bow.

'Beyond the Jordan' Jesus passed;
There dwelt, to come again, at last,
Where God would make Him room.
He listened to the mourner's sigh.
God's glory shone in His reply:
'God's Son requires the "tomb." '

Death shadows Bethany. But still
For Mary, in the Father's will
Is solace, as before.
'He knoweth all.' 'He loveth well.'
Earth's many waters rise and swell.
'God reigneth evermore.'

And Jesus cometh! Martha's haste
His own thrice precious words may waste,
All lost they seem to be.
But see - those pearls are strung again
By Love's own fingers, and remain
Faith's priceless legacy.

And Mary, ' quickly,' at the call,
He calls thee,' rose. Arose to fall;
Falls down His feet beside.
She came to Jesus, saw Him, wept
'Hadst Thou been here, Lord, ere he slept,
My brother had not died.'
* * * *
Where have ye laid him? 'Jesus wept.'
He who the keys of Hades-kept,
Since first death came by sin;
He who, by agony and blood,
Would bear, alone, the wrath of God,
Spoil death, destroy its sting.

'Father, I thank Thee,' Jesus said.
Then, speaking to awake the dead,
With mighty voice He cried -
'Come forth,' and Lazarus, the same
Who saw corruption, called by name,
Came, with Him to abide.

Nor quickened only. Raised, released,
He sits with Christ, shares thus the Feast;
Is with Him in His fame.
But Mary, having felt what woe
Attends the Sent One's path below,
Bears witness to His Name.

The House is with one fragrance filled,
From God's most costly Plant distilled,
Through grace to Mary given.
She pours the spikenard on "His Feet,"
So beautiful to God! so meet
To traverse earth, and heaven!
H. K. B. E. 1870. (Revised since.)
"In every respect God is for us. Precious truth! He has given His own Son; He will give us all things. He Himself has justified us. Who will condemn us? And nothing can separate us from the love thus proved. All that is against us on the road to the glory cannot, as being of the creature, be greater than He who is Lord of all. God is for us in Christ, who has, overcome all. The proof of this love is found not only in the path He trod as Man to be able to suffer, and as God in order to reveal perfect love in the suffering; but, following Him in this path, we also experience His love. Nothing can separate us from it."