The Holy City, New Jerusalem.

Revelation 21, 22.

"For He hath made Him to be sin for us, who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in Him." 2 Cor 5:21.

OH wondrous CITY: pure, translucent gold!
Each gate, unclosed for endless day, "one pearl."
By faith thy lofty splendour I behold:
Thy calm surrounds me, mid the world's mad whirl.

All Wisdom's ways of pleasantness and peace
Lead to yon amber highway of the blest.
Long ere earth's strife of Babel tongues doth cease
Faith sees God's glory; Hope foreknows God's rest.

This "Holy City" out of heaven descends;
Comes - like "the Saviour of the world" - from God.
Thence, ere earth's night of tears and sorrow ends,
Her light, in diamond beauty, streams abroad.

Her jasper clearness doth His presence tell;
This CITY is of God the chosen place.
"No temple" - where God and the Lamb shall dwell,
Where men behold the glory of His grace.

Radiant foundations, wrought with every name
Of Thine apostles, O most holy Lord!
They who were with Thee in Thy path of shame,
Shine in Thy glory; THOU art their reward.

Thou, Lamb of God, hast suffered; Thou wilt reign;
By Thee alone the nations can be blest.
Thou earnest down. We praise Thee; Thou wert slain;
Thou art the Giver of eternal rest.

"Come unto ME." This voice is from the throne.
"Come unto ME," saith every ray of light.
"Come unto ME:" the Lamb is thus made known.
Where He is centre there can be "no night."

Nought that defileth ever enters there;
"Without" are all who sin, who love a LIE;
None but the "saved" that holy joy can share -
"Saved" for the earth, or "saved" to dwell on high.

Crystal the river, pure and clear its flow,
Out from the throne of God and of the Lamb.
The tree of life on either side doth grow,
That constant fruit is His who saith "I AM."

Leaves of the tree the nations' woes shall heal;
Realm of the blest, the curse shall be no more.
God and the Lamb the throne in light reveal;
All sin's rebellion shall at last be o'er.

LIFE is the "water;" LIFE the fruitful "tree."
"I Am the Way, the Truth, the Life," He saith;
'T is through His cross the path of life must be.
O life abundant! won, Lord, through Thy death.

Eternal life! thrice bless├Ęd gift of God;
He, in His mighty love, spared not His Son.
Oh, tell His gospel, tell His praise abroad;
Let all rejoice to say, "Thy will be done."

O perfect triumph of His matchless skill!
Who ever homeward doth our footsteps guide.
O deep delight in God's most holy will!
Bliss of the Lamb, the Spirit, and the Bride.

O glorious home of God's eternal love!
In righteousness, the basis sure of grace.
O blest possession of the things above!
O rapt beholding of the Saviour's face!

Then shall His servants serve Him evermore;
Wearing His holy name upon their brow.
All need and pain, all toil and conflict o'er;
All glory His, eternally and Now."
Halsdon, 1892. H. K. B