"The love of Christ, which passeth knowledge."

OH, who can tell Thy love?
Love better far than wine;
Love pouring from above,
Unsought, supreme, divine.

Thou gav'st Thyself for us,
The sacrifice to God;
Whose fragrance riseth thus,
And spreads Thy name abroad.

For Thou hast loved us, Lord,
When we were far from Thee;
Thou hast Thine own reward -
Now and eternally.

And in Thy constant grace
Thou still for us dost care,
To keep us in the place
Where we Thy presence share.

Thy holy, cleansing Word
Thy love doth still apply;
Thy voice therein is heard
To call us home on high.

There we with Thee shall dwell
In perfect heavenly bliss.
Oh, who on earth can tell
Such joy, such peace, as this?

And, Lord, Thou wilt present
Unto Thyself Thy Bride
Beyond the firmament,
Enthron├Ęd at Thy side.

A glorious Church 't will be,
Lord, spotless in Thy sight;
Thy Helpmeet all shall see,
Wrapt in Thy glory's light.

Her joy to do Thy will,
Her bliss to be with Thee,
Thine own companion still
For Thine eternity.

We praise Thee, glorious Lord,
For all Thy wondrous love;
Thy Spirit shall record
Its story - all - above!
Halsdon, 1892. H. K. B