"Whom say ye that I am!"

SON of the living God,
In whom, by whom, we live;
Whom to redeem a ruined world,
The Father's love could give.
Thou art revealed the Rock,
Whereon Thy Church is built,
Great Shepherd of the blood-bought flock,
Led homeward as Thou wilt.

All power to Thee belongs,
In heaven and on earth,
And Thou couldst bear unnumbered wrongs
In silence from Thy birth.
Thou who in weakness here
Didst condescend to be,
In garb of toil who didst appear -
Thou Christ! we worship Thee.

Oh, 't is our joy to trace The glory of that sight,
That overcame, supreme in grace,
The chaos of our night!
The glory that transforms
The darkness into day,
And vessels for thy pleasure forms
From Egypt's worthless clay.

Created, Lord, by Thee,
Are all things, and Thine own,
Thee first, eternally, we see;
Thou rulest from the throne.
Thou breathest - Thou, the Head -
The body acts for Thee;
Thou art the Quickener of the dead,
The Judge Thou too wilt be.

The sure Foundation Thou,
The once-rejected stone;
The Chief Stone; yea, the centre now,
Exalted o'er Thine own.
The Counsellor Thou art,
By whom dissensions cease;
Exponent of the Father's heart;
Life's Author; Prince of peace.

Thou art the Prophet, heard
Through Israel's darkest night;
Almighty Thou, in deed and word,
Effulgent as the light.
Sent of the Father, Thou,
Who camest forth to save,
Found man Thy claims could disallow,
And hew for Thee a grave.

Lord Jesus, Thou alone
The Resurrection art;
Thy welling tears for death make known
Depths in a Saviour's heart.
The Way, the Truth, the Life,
The First-born from the dead,
God's Isaac - Thou beneath the knife
Unbound, couldst bow the head.

Our Passover art Thou,
By Israel blindly slain.
Without their Hope they wander now
Till Thou return again.
Thou art gone up on high
For us to intercede.
Melchisedec, not born to die,
For Israel Thou dost plead.

Thou art our Great High Priest,
The sinner's constant Friend.
Thy royal grace to meet the least,
The lowest, loves to bend.
How blest, how rich are they,
Thee, Jesus Christ, who know;
'Tis in Thy praise, day after day
Their tiny cups o'erflow.

Devoted to Thy God
Thou in this world hast been.
Yea Thou, His Wisdom, and His Word,
Set up of old were seen.
For Thine it was in time
His counsels to declare;
Thine to atone for Adam's crime,
And Israel's sorrows bear.

Thou, in the dust of death,
Didst agonize alone;
Victorious, didst yield Thy breath
In peace none else had known.
Thou art the only Lord,
The God-provided Lamb.
Thou art the self-existent Word,
The wonderful I Am.

Thy glories all transcend
What words have e'er expressed.
Thou the Beginning, Thou the End,
In whom our God doth rest.
The Life Eternal, Thou
Wilt soon shine forth again.
At God's right hand we see Thee now,
Adore Thee - the Amen!
1867. H. K. B. E.