"His Name … Jesus"

Jesus! O Name supreme!
Thrice told upon the cross.
For every nation: bringing salvation:
Sent at the King's own cost.

Jesus! O Name of Love!
Zealous, and strong as death.
All ye who labour, ye heavy laden;
"Come unto Me," He saith.

Jesus! O Name of Light!
Name from God's glory given!
He who believeth: that Light receiveth,
Turneth from earth, to heaven.

Jesus! O Name of Joy!
Joy of the realms above!
"Jehovah - Saviour": "Man," yea, "My Fellow";
Wisdom, declaring Love.

Jesus! O Name of Peace!
Peace through the blood once shed;
Christ died for sinners: for the ungodly;
God raised Him from the dead.

Jesus! O Name of Power
Each at that name must bow.
Mighty Creator: Alpha: Omega:
Worthy, O Lord, art Thou!

Jesus! O Name supreme!
Seen "o'er His head": "His cross"!
Hear ye the story: He from the glory,
Seeketh and saves the lost. H. K. B.