Jesus Only

"They saw no man, save Jesus only." Matthew 17:8.
He alone, the vision filling -
Rapturing the heart;
He alone, chief of ten thousand,
He alone my part.
He alone, God's well beloved -
Fairest of the fair:
He alone, what need of others?
All I want is there.

He alone, in whom is centred
All the Father's love:
He alone, who now, exalted,
Fills the heavens above.
He alone, whose name excelleth;
All to Him shall bow.
He alone, the peerless Saviour,
Crowned with glory now.

He alone! No room have rivals
Where He reigns supreme.
He alone! From earth to heaven
He the heart doth wean.
He alone, God's blessed Treasure,
Given in grace so free.
He alone! Is "Jesus only"
All in all to thee! E. E. N.