Perfection - Where?

"Perfection!" Here to find it
On earth we seek in vain.
Death stamps earth's scenes - the fairest,
None here perfection gain.
"In me," earth says, "it is not,
Nor in the depths below."
'T is vain on earth to seek it;
Then whither shall we go?

At God's right-hand in heaven
Sits Jesus, on the Throne;
The blessed Man, Christ Jesus,
The only Perfect One.
His feet once trod this desert,
Mid suffering, shame, and woe.
God found in Him His pleasure,
Who loved His will to do.

Perfect His life - each footstep
Marks out His peerless worth.
As incense sweet ascending,
Was Jesus' life on earth.
Then, as the Spotless Victim,
He gave Himself to die,
By that One Perfect Offering
To God to bring us nigh.
* *
Perfection of perfection,
O Jesus, Lord, art Thou!
The chiefest mid ten thousand,
With glory crowned now.
Upon Thy brow, Lord Jesus -
Once crowned with cruel thorns,
We joy to see the glory
That now that brow adorns.

Soon all shall bow before Thee,
Thy matchless worth to own;
Soon every eye shall see Thee
Exalted on Thy Throne.
But, oh! what joy, blest Saviour,
To gaze upon Thy face;
With Thee: Thy joy for ever,
Blest trophies of Thy grace!

Thy deep perfection ever
Still learning more and more,
Eternity disclosing
That deep exhaustless store -
The preciousness and beauty
That 's treasured, Lord, in Thee
Perfection of perfection!
We wait Thy face to see! E. E. N.