The Good Shepherd

Psalm 23.

Lord JESUS, we rejoice,
Thou bright and morning star;
We hail Thee crowned in light
'T is "Aijeleth Shahar" -
In risen glory's new estate,
Our Shepherd, good, and chief, and great

No want shall us assail;
Thine are the pastures green,
And thine the waters still,
Within Thy glory's sheen;
Thou lead'st our ransomed souls along
To feed or rest - Thy praise our song.

And if, alas! our tongues
Cease to announce Thy fame,
Thy grace doth then restore,
For Holy is Thy name.
In paths of righteousness we tread,
In Thee we live, with Thee we 're dead.

Thy Shepherd rod and staff
With comfort fill the hour,
When we are called to pass
Where death-shades darkly lower;
That worsted foe we will not fear,
But still rejoice, for Thou art near.

Our baffled enemies
(Dwellers in Egypt's night)
Must see our feast of love
Spread in a scene of light;
Our head anointed is with oil,
Our cup runs o'er, through Thy great toil.

Thy loving-kindness great,
And goodness e'er pursue,
Till in the Father's house
Sweet praises we renew:
In bridal nearness there to be
Thy joy through all eternity. J. T.