The Holiest

"Having therefore boldness to enter into the holiest by the blood of
Jesus. … Let us draw near." Hebrews 10:19-22.

AND are we, O most Holy Lord,
In that most Holy place,
Fruit of the anguish of thy Love,
And God the Father's Grace.

We trace Thee from the highest height
Of Glory to the gloom
Of that dark hour, when Thou alone
Didst bear our rightful doom.

Abyss of anguish, awful night,
Thy cup did then o'erflow,
While darkness brooded o'er the deep
Of that unuttered woe.

'T is past, that storm of wrath is o'er,
Exhausted on Thy head,
And we in Light serene, divine,
With confidence may tread.

Nor Light alone, the scene is Love,
The Father's Love divine,
Mid Light and Love our Souls recall
The night that once was Thine.

O Light and Love our hearts are bowed,
We worship and adore,
The God who gave - the Lamb who died,
Worthy for Evermore. M. C. G.