The Unfoldings of Grace in Redemption

FAR in dim and distant ages,
Long ere time its course began,
Read we in the sacred pages
God had set His thoughts on man.

Tread we softly, for the story
Scarcely human lips may tell,
How in that eternal glory
God the Son did ever dwell
In the bosom of the Father:
Then was formed the wondrous plan,
That the Son of God should gather
From the race of fallen man,

Heirs for glory - blessed purpose!
Wisdom infinite, divine!
Bend we low in adoration,
Praise, our God, be ever Thine!
* * *
Hark! ye messengers from glory
Praising God's most blessed name,
Tell to earth the wondrous story,
Christ is born in Bethlehem.
He, the long foretold Messiah,
God's Beloved ere time began,
See Him then, Jehovah's Fellow,
Son of God and Son of Man!

Trace His footsteps in that pathway
From the manger to the grave,
Loving, patient, gracious Saviour
He had come to heal and save.
Come to bear in fullest measure
All the fierceness of God's ire;
Spotless victim on the altar,
Lo! He has consumed the fire.

None is left for guilty sinners,
Who to Him for refuge flee
Worthy of God's righteous judgment -
None is left for you and me.
Now in resurrection power
God has raised Him from the dead;
At His own right hand in heaven
Set Him over all as Head.

Soon His ransomed, blood-bought people,
Looking to the dawn afar,
Shall arise to meet their Saviour,
Bright and beauteous Morning Star.
Then with Him in brightest glory
Gladly will they shout the words,
Echoed by heaven's host around them -
"King of Kings, and Lord of Lords!"

Forth as Conqueror comes He with them,
Earth shall tremble at His word,
All the nations bow before Him,
Israel own her rightful Lord.
Then, the thousand years accomplished,
See Him on the judgment throne,
Heaven and earth have fled before Him,
Every tongue His name must own.

Till at length, in new creation,
How those words our hearts enthrall!
God shall dwell among His people,
God Himself be all in all. * * *