Faith's Victory

"Father, glorify Thy Name." John 12:28.

"Some said 'It thundered.' Others said
'An angel spake to Him'";
These written words a mourner read,
With eyes from sorrow dim:
And then the Righteous Father's voice
Wrought in that soul with power,
For faith must thank Him, and rejoice,
Through sorrow's darkest hour.

Not unto death He sent the grief,
The woe, faith's strength that tried.
Are God's "outgoings" mere "relief"?
Nay! God is glorified.*  Psalm 68:20.
The Son of God shall be thereby
Confessed, extolled, made known -
The Father's Son, who came to DIE,
Who trod this earth "alone."

"Alone, yet not alone," for He
Dwelt in His Father's love;
His joy surpassed His agony
On Him reposed God's Dove.
He always did His Father's will;
He kept His Father's trust;
He wrought His Father's House to fill,
And wherefore? Ah, - He "must." Luke 2:49.
Lord Jesus, faith must follow Thee,
And, lowly, keep Thy Word;
Where Thou art, shall Thy servant be
Thy sayings faith hath heard.
Thy Father honoureth each one
Who fears from Thee to swerve,
Who meekly doth as Thou hast done,
Thee, blessed Lord, to serve.

"The work of God" is to believe
On Him whom He hath sent;
Out of His fulness to receive,
Thus, truly, to "repent."
Vain are the thoughts, the deeds, of man -
Our God! man knows not Thee:
He who abides by God's great Plan,
Shall God's Salvation see.
H. K B. August 22, 1895.