"In Me, Peace"

"And your joy no man taketh from you."

We thank and praise Thee, Lord, for Thou,
Thou only, givest rest;
By sovereign grace our names are now
And ever on Thy breast.
Upon the shoulders of Thy might
Thou bearest us, each one;
Our home is where there is no night,
Where God's blest will is done.

Thy canopy is o'er us - "love";
The love that casts out fear:
Thy pleasures are the things above
Our treasure is not here.
Thou carest not to give the earth
To those called out for heaven:
To children of this royal birth
Thy choicest gifts are given.

How happy they who must confide,
Lord Jesus Christ, in Thee;
Who in Thy secret place abide,
Where they Thy beauty see.
Thou comfortest the hearts that mourn,
Thou liftest up the meek;
The weak ones in Thy arms are borne,
They find Thee, Lord, who seek.

Who seek the Lord shall praise Him now,
Now and for evermore;
Thou givest rest, Lord, only Thou,
Who art gone on before.
For us Thou, Lord, hast entered in,
Forerunner in life's race;
And thus the songs of hope begin
E'en from Thy glory's place.

And Thou wilt have us dwell with Thee,
Where thou art - 't is Thy will:
How blessed for Thine own to be
Thus on God's holy hill!
Thus whether, Lord, we wake or sleep,
With Thee, to Thee, to live;
The Father's love so well doth keep
Those He to Thee did give.
August 20th, 1895. H. K. B.