Now - Then

Philippians 3:13; Hebrews 2:9; Jude 24, 25.

Now with joy beholding
Jesus on the Throne,
We with hearts o'erflowing,
Now His Lordship own.

Satisfied with favour,
Blest in Him our Lord;
He alone is worthy,
Now to be adored.

Now with joy we enter
Scenes of bliss above;
Now we have a foretaste
Of the Father's love.

Though we tread the desert,
Where our Lord has trod,
He is all-sufficient:
Our resource is God.

Fullest, richest blessing,
Now our portion is;
While we sing in triumph,
All we have is His.

What a glorious Present!
What a blessed Now!
When with hearts surrendered,
To His claims we bow.

Own Him only worthy
All we have to take;
Spirit, soul, and body,
His possession make.

Then when we behold Him
Face to face above,
How our lips will praise Him
For His grace and love!

At His feet with rapture
We'll our crowns cast down,
Worship Him for ever,
God's beloved Son. F. E. L. B.