Sweet Memories

(Lines suggested by a Hymn.)

SWEET be our memories, O God,
Of Thy beloved Son,
In whom Thou ever didst delight -
Thy Christ, Thy Holy One.

Mem'ries of Him who came in grace
Thy counsels to fulfil;
Whose meat and drink it ever was
To do His Father's will.

Mem'ries of Jesus, who when here
"Went about doing good":
Healing the sick, the halt, the maimed,
Giving the hungry food.

Mem'ries of His most gracious ways
With all who sought Him here,
Lending to sorrow, grief, and pain
Ever a willing ear.

How He the broken-hearted healed,
The captive sad released,
God's lowly, earth-rejected Son,
In whom He was well-pleased.

Mem'ries of that most bitter hour
When He our Surety stood,
Dying, the Just for the unjust,
To bring us back to God.

Mem'ries of that fair first-day morn,
When Christ triumphant rose
Victorious over death and hell,
And all our hateful foes.

No more "a Man of sorrows" He,
He 's now the Man of joy;
Thou hast exalted Him, O God,
To Thy right hand on high! M. S. S.