There is more room in Christ, in God, in heaven, to give me rest and peace and joy, than in the whole universe to disquiet, trouble, and grieve me; but the Holy Ghost alone can fill me with it. G. V. Wigram.

To give up what Thou wouldst have me to be without, and take up what Thou wouldst have me to be in, or upon me, be this through grace my service to Thyself, Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. G. V. Wigram.

Let the thought of grace and His perfect love come in between you and all your thoughts, and you will find His hand sweet, though it smite you, and Christ, your eternal portion, sweet, in a way you never knew before. J. N. Darby.

We must take courage, and hold the Head that holds us up. His strength is made perfect in weakness. Christ will be a sure friend, and, even if we begin to sink in the water, will stretch out His hand and lift us up. It is sweet to have His hand in any case, even if our failing foot has led Him to stretch it out. J. N. Darby.