The Father's Love

"For the Father Himself loveth you." John 16:27.

O God, our Father, we are Thine;
Thou gav'st Thy Son that we
Might, in the circle of Thy love,
Adore and worship Thee.

E'en worship Thee in Spirit now,
And sing Thy praises here;
Christ leads, Himself, our song of praise,
Which greets Thine holy ear.

He, too, Thy Name to us declares,
E'en His "compassions" here;
Within the "Holiest of all"
The Father's love we share.

Blest love divine the Father's is,
An ocean without bound;
In this vast ocean, Lord, with Thee
The Father's praise we sound.

Oh, blessed Lord! 't is ours with Thee
To share the Father's love
Through time and all "eternity,"
E'en here and heaven above. S. L.

To be content with the lowest place, if God has given it us; is the same renunciation of self as to labour in the highest: the secret of each is that Christ is everything and ourselves nothing.