The Holy Ghost on Earth

The Holy Ghost is as really present on earth today as Christ Himself was. And we must remember that He is here for two distinct objects.

First, He is here to bring men into all the good of what appertains to Christ in glory, and which is commonly called Christianity.

Second, He is here for the proper maintenance of those earthly relationships which were formed of God, and which have never been set aside. These I think are three.

First, man as a creature in relation to God.

Second, the earthly relations of the family Godward and to one another.

Third, God's government of the world.

I think that the Spirit of God maintains in us the proper balance and line of conduct suited to all these last three, which I think are all summed up in one word - "responsibility"; and that He also is here to lead us into all the good of our heavenly relation, which may be also all summed up in one word - "privilege," and there could not be the slightest friction between the two. Ephesians 1-6 gives them all. H. C. Anstey.

"It is a time to be entirely heavenly, for the earth is far from God, and daily its darkness closes in; but we belong to the light, and await another day,"