"They Shall See His Face"

"His visage … so marred, more than any." Isa. 52:14.

Here on this earth my Saviour had no home,
Rejected and despised of men was He;
They hid their faces from that peerless One -
God's Well-beloved from all eternity;
Stricken, smitten of God, they deemed Him there,
And saw no beauty in His face so fair.

They crucified Him, but earth could not hold
God's chosen One; He triumphed e'en in death,  
And entered heaven for us. With joy untold
We, His redeemed ones, see Him now by faith,
And are transformed into His image there,
While we behold His glorious face so fair.

But oh! what joy these hearts of ours shall know,
When His glad words of welcome greet our ear;
When with unhindered praise these lips o'erflow,
And we His likeness bear, in God's own sphere;
When, as He is, we see our Saviour there,
And gaze with rapture on His face so fair!