"Come, Lord Jesus"

REIGN, Lord, from sea to sea,
From river to earth's ends;
Come, Lord, and claim Thy rightful throne,
For all on Thee depends.

Blest Son of God, Who gav'st
To ransom us Thy life,
We long to see Thy glorious face,
Together with Thee live.

True Son of David, come,
His throne and crown are Thine;
Bring in the kingdom and the joy,
Drink Thou of that new wine.

Thou Son of Man, now called
At God's right hand to sit,
With glory and with honour crowned,
Put all beneath Thy feet.

For all is Thine, blest Lord,
And all for Thee we claim;
Come, and throughout this scene diffuse
The odour of Thy name.

Thou Bright and Morning Star,
Blest harbinger of day,
Thou Sun of Righteousness, arise,
Bring in Thy glorious sway,

The Church, Thy heav'nly Bride,
Object of Thy heart's love,
Longs for her presentation day -
To reign with Thee above.

Lion of Judah's tribe,
True David - God's "Beloved" -
Thine earthly Bride, Jerusalem,
Awaits Thee from her God.

Gentiles Thy sway shall own,
For all in Thee are bless'd;
O Thou in whom is all their hope,
Cause the whole earth to rest.

Love's ardour thus would cry
"Come," and in glory bright,
Resplendent in Thyself and Bride,
The heavens and earth unite. T. H.