"In the Midst"

John 14:18; Matthew. 18:20; Hebrews 2:12.
"In the midst of the Church will I sing praise unto THEE."
OUR remembrance Thou dost claim,
And we gather to Thy name,
We surround Thee here below,
Lord, our hearts Thy presence know.

In the midst, Thou Holy One,
Over God's blest house the Son;
Conqueror of death and hell,
Oh for words Thy praise to tell!

Thou, the Church's glorious Head,
Thou, the Firstborn from the dead,
Changeless lover of Thine own,
Thou for them didst once atone.

Here Thou art, O faithful Lord,
"In the midst" to be adored;
"In the midst" to lead the praise,
Which, to God, His children raise.

"In the midst" - the Father's name
To Thine own Thou didst proclaim;
On the resurrection morn,
Came delight to souls forlorn.

"Comfortless" we cannot be,
Drawn together, Lord, we have Thee,
And our hearts with joy rebound
In Thy presence to be found.

Gone the troubles which annoy;
Gone the thought of earthly joy;
Gone the conflict and the strife,
In Thy presence, Lord of Life.

Over us Thou dost rejoice
As the objects of Thy choice,
As the answer to Thy cross,
To Thy death, Thy shame, Thy loss.

Oh what love! It wins our love
Here, as soon with Thee above,
Thou wouldst have us thus to be,
Jesus, Lord, surrounding Thee. G. H.