Love's Jewel

CAN the jewel e'er regret
Her rock-bound prison home, when set
In gold and brilliants richly met?

Such our love's Jewel! rich and bright
In Heaven's fair setting; in His light,
Who fashioned it for His own sight.

The tie He wove from nature's loom
Hath link'd us in that training-room
Where links are forged that mock the tomb.

Yes! Links of gold without alloy,
Which time nor death can e'er destroy:
From Him, our life, our common joy.

What music in that holy sphere,
Like that which had its key-note here,
Which, 'mid earth's din, beat soft and clear!

And such was ours - such will it be,
Eternal music! For 't is He
Whose master-hand hath set the key. G. V. W.(?)