"My Sake and the Gospel's"

Mark 8:34-35.

LORD JESUS, this Thy twofold thought
Must surely twine around
The hearts in which Thy grace has wrought,
Who in Thy path abound.

"For My sake and the gospel's"! How
Remindful is the word
Which links love for the gospel now
With love for Thee, our Lord!

Yes, love for Thee in ministry
Should fill each serving heart -
Affection, prompt activity,
Thus form its motive part.

For great the sacrifice may be,
Yet Thy discerning eyes
Must see if it is made for Thee -
In this its value lies.

And though all faulty, poor, and weak,
Some may our service deem,
Yet if Thy smile alone we seek
We catch the cheering beam.

We would not love our Master's work
More than our Master dear,
Nor would we try our cross to shirk
While following Thee here.

Loss, sufferings, and labours sweet
The servant's cross still make;
Borne still for Thee, our Object meet,
And for the gospel's sake.

Lord, may we yield our all, we ask,
To Thee for all Thy love,
Till in that love at length we bask
At rest with Thee above. S. J. B. Carter.