The Lamb in Heaven

(The following song, or prayer, was uttered to God almost in the words written; as the power of the thoughts which led to the utterance remained, the words were later on put down. If any soul has learned in power what caused the burst of grateful appeal to Him, namely, that the Lamb is in heaven, a perusal of the lines may be to edification.)

THE Lamb is in heaven;
Lord, there fix my gaze;
Give me thoughts from Thyself
For the rest of my days.

The Lamb is in heaven
I am saved by His life;
More than reconciled now,
I'm at peace in the strife.

The Lamb is in heaven
Oh, lead my heart there,
That Thy life, holy Jesus,
May be seen in me here.

The Lamb is in heaven
'T is the Christ who has died;
In my soul I say "Come,"
With the Spirit and Bride.

The Lamb is in heaven;
From there, Lord, descend,
Call Thy treasure up to Thee;
Thus accomplish Thine end.
J. A. 1896.