The Man of the Old Testament and the Man of the New

The early history of God's people only goes so far as the refusal of the man' that was there - the first man. Abraham was called out from that man, and from his place; and so onward in all the history of the Old Testament we always get as far as this, that man as he is, and the place in which he is, will not do for God.

In the New Testament we are on another line. We have from the outset the Man that will do for God, and in whom He has found "all His delight." We have also the place to which in resurrection He has already reached; that is, we have the Han and His place, and they both suit God. As you are walking in the good of the Old Testament testimony you will be led into the New. People want to jump over the Old Testament testimony and to get into the New, and they never will. I think Hebrews 11 brings before us men that were true to their light, and I think that they put to shame many a so-called Christian today.

H. C. Anstey.