"Why Weepest Thou?"

John 20:13.

Why weepest thou? The breeze blows warm and soft,
The winter frost is past this vernal morning;
The buds expand below, and high aloft
The glowing sun is all the heavens adorning;
The rising larks are singing freely now:
Why weepest thou?

Why weepest thou? Has the foe rapt away
Thy Saviour from the tomb where He was lying?
Nay! foes are vanquish'd - He is risen - say,
Is this a time for tears and weary sighing?
Soon shalt thou see Him, glory on His brow:
Why weepest thou?

Why weepest thou? Dost thou not know thy Lord
On this new day, the resurrection morn?
The heav'nly Gard'ner, faithful to His word,
Hath not forgotten thee, thou flower forlorn,
And in the garden comes to seek thee now:
Why weepest thou?

Why weepest thou? A balm for aching eyes,
A golden message shalt thou, Mary, bear;
He to His God and Father soon shall rise,
"Your God and Father" shall His brethren hear.
No grief, on this eighth day, can God allow:
Why weepest thou?

Why weepest thou? Bearing the bread and wine,
The mighty Victor shall come forth in blessing
(Gathered in one all ransom'd hearts like thine);
He first shall praise, the Father's love confessing,
And all the Church in adoration bow:
Why weepest thou? E. L. Bevir.