A Unicode font which contains glyphs for NT Greek is required to view the Greek. Such a font may be found on the net, e.g. MS Arial Unicode, with thanks to Microsoft!

At the moment most of the photographs, indexes and other add-ons from the CDs are not published here. There are ~50 million words (I long ago gave up counting them) of Bible teaching in the above 40 authors.

Users of STEM CDs will know that the CDs used ISYS v.4 to provide comprehensive searching capability. This avenue was blocked for those users who upgraded to Windows XP which did not allow ISYS to highlight the search terms in the articles. I decided to take advantage of this enforced republication to make the files more portable, simple and accessible to users other than Windows users by filtering them to HTML; also transliterating the Hebrew and changing the Greek from a proprietary font to Unicode.

Proprietary programs for searching are still too expensive for this project, however large IT companies: Google, Microsoft, Yahoo etc., are trying to be the market leader in computer searching. Until recently there has been a fairly clear line between FREE 'file finding programs' and very expensive 'text retrieval programs'. The free programs have still not crossed this line effectively, however it is certainly not the time for excessive spending in this area.

It may interest some to know why the method of distribution has been changed from CD to Web. To reproduce the previous Windows CDs to work under Windows XP and other operating systems would have cost many thousands of pounds and required a lot of time to produce - including artwork, instructions etc., and to ensure that the Master CDs were stable and relatively flawless - this is nerve-racking work. The time necessary to administrate the distribution from day-to-day greatly effects the time available for making more ministry available. There are also more costs which must be passed on to the users which limits those who can use the material. Web distribution also has costs but it does not require such precision of manufacture, as long as it works it can be improved over time. The availability becomes much more wide and free! A major benefit is that people who do not know these teachers and would not have bought CDs featuring them, can find the teaching from searching with the web search engines. A downside is that there are some Christians who for very proper reasons do not wish to use the web. To produce CDs for these users remains an aim.

Feedback, positive or negative, is earnestly sought. Ideas for improvement are also wanted, especially if they are accompanied by the expertise to put those ideas into practice - but please do not refrain from coming forward with an idea because you cannot help with its implementation.