In Type, Prophecy, and Accomplishment.

F. W. Grant.

"A propitiation, through faith, by His blood, to show His righteousness." (Rom. 3:25. R.V.)

Loizeaux Brothers, 63 Fourth Avenue; Bible Truth Print, Fourth Avenue, New York.

Chapter  1. The Need to be Met
Chapter  2. The Last Adam and the New Creation
Chapter  3. The Seed of the Woman
Chapter  4. The Ark and the Altar
Chapter  5. The Offering of Isaac
Chapter  6. The Passover and the Sea
Chapter  7. The Tabernacle-Service
Chapter  8. The Burnt-Offering
Chapter  9. The Peace-Offering
Chapter 10. The Sin-Offering
Chapter 11. The Trespass-Offering
Chapter 12. The Two Birds
Chapter 13. The Day of Atonement
Chapter 14. The Red Heifer
Chapter 15. Prophetic Testimony
Chapter 16. The Testimony of the Psalms
Chapter 17. Atonement in the New Testament. The Gospels
Chapter 18. Romans and Galatians
Chapter 19. Colossians, Ephesians, 2 Corinthians
Chapter 20. Hebrews
Chapter 21. The other Apostolic Writings
Chapter 22. What Christ Suffered in Atonement
Chapter 23. The Penalty in its Inner Meaning
Chapter 24. Redemption and Atonement
Chapter 25. Resurrection the Sign of Complete Atonement
Chapter 26. Union and Identification with Christ
Chapter 27. God Glorified and Glorifying Himself