Correspondence:Knowing Christ after the Flesh

To the Editors of Scripture Truth,

The question asked—viz. “Is to know Christ after the flesh a knowledge the flesh is capable of?—seems very easily answered. That answer is distinct negative. The answers already given are very fine expositions of what it is to know Christ in the new place which as Man He has taken. But I do not think that they meet the mind of your questioner.

What does he mean by the flesh being capable of knowing Christ? He would need to define the word ‘flesh’. No doubt he simply means “flesh and blood”, or man in nature. If so, what is such an one but a fallen being who is incapable of knowing God apart from that work of the Spirit whereby alone he can he can be made to see?

The flesh is totally incapable of knowing Christ in any condition. They that are in the flesh cannot please God”, they are “then” alienated from the life of God through the darkness that is in them. “Except a man be born again he cannot see the kingdom of God”. Saul was stricken with blindness before his eyes were opened.

A more important truth for the child of God today can hardly he conceived than that he should know Christ where He now is seated on high, for that alone gives the right idea of Christianity and of its precious heavenly links. It detaches the heart from things here, and binds it with the blessed Lord where He is. It determines our place and our path. But it is only the Christian, the man who has been converted and in whom the Spirit is who can know the Lord at all.

Do you not feel that this question should receive a very specific answer as to this? The questioner may not have started his query with the clearness requisite, but the answer to the actual words should be as decisive as firm. For one thing I am thankful and that is that the two answers given have presented the truth in the passage in a charming and most helpful way, but let us give “the flesh” no kind of quarter anywhere.