John Wilson-Smith

Biographical Note

Mr John Wilson-Smith's printed ministry is included on the STEM site with many thanks to Andrew Langham, who pains-takingly scanned these articles.

Sources of Articles

A Christian Sacrament
A Condition of the Road
A Gem From Each of the Minor Prophets
“A Kingdom that Cannot be Moved”
“A Light on the Starboard Bow”
“A Saviour, Jesus”
A Savour of Christ, or of Man
“A Stranger in Jerusalem”
A Word to the Weary
Abide With Me
Alpha and Omega
An Appeal to Christian Young Men
Behaviour in the House of God
Benjamin’s Blessings
Bridal Affection and Brotherly Love
“Called” Children
Calling and Election Made Sure
Can God Be Known?
“Christ … Became Poor”
“Christ Our Life”
Christ Our Motive
Christ our Pattern
Christ the Creator
Christ’s First Sermon
Christ’s Good Confession
Christ’s Posthumous Sentence
Christ’s Priesthood
Colossians 2—A Chapter for today
Comparative Studies in the Synoptic Gospels (Fragments)
Correspondence—How to Win Souls
Correspondence:Knowing Christ after the Flesh
Creation and Redemption
Daniel’s Deliverance, or, Individual Faithfulness and its Results
“Decide for Christ Now”
Deep Digging
Deep Ploughing
Devotion to Christ
Division and the Energy of the Holy Spirit
Early Devotedness
“Encourage Yourselves Each Day”
Ephesians 6:18 Analysed
“Esaias is very bold”
Eternal Punishment
“Even the Death of the Cross”
Everlasting Glory Be!
Extremes Meeting
Faithful and Wise Service
Fifty Four Thousand Seven Hundred and Fifty Sins!
“For the Sake of the Name”
Formalism not Faith
Four Aspects of the Lamb
Four Forebodings
Four Parallel Cases
Gamaliel, or, Neutrality
God Our Father
God and One
God Declared
God For Us
“God My Exceeding Joy” (1)
“God My Exceeding Joy” (2)
God’s Character the Believer’s Hope
God’s Expostulation
God’s Foundation
God’s Present Ministry
God’s Temple
God’s Voice to the Nations
“Going Down to the Pit”
Grace and Appropriation
Grace Understood
Has Christianity Failed?
His Shadow and His Fruit
“How Grand it is to be Saved”
How to Serve the Lord
I Thank Thee, O My Gracious God
“I Want no Other Argument”
“I was There”
“I, Jesus”
Intervention, or Moral Consequence
Is the Lord’s Hand Shortened?
“Jesus the Son of God”
“Jesus Wept”
Justice Before Generosity
King of Kings
“Let Alone” in Four Aspects
“Lo, We Be Here”
Love in Sincerity
Love’s Retreat
Malchus and His Kinsman
Manifestations of God’s Love
Many Called, Few Chosen
Many Miracles, But No Faith
Mark’s Preface; or, the Servant-Son
Meet For the Inheritance, Not Fit for the Kingdom
“Money and Health”
Moral Elevation
Moses’ Choice
“Much Cattle”
“Much Fruit”
“Much Tribulation”—“The Great Tribulation”
“My Glory”
My Jewels
“My Way Hidden”
Nearness to Christ the Secret of Power
Nebuchadnezzar’s Conversion
“Never Man Spake like this Man”
“Not as the Scribes”
Obedience and Blessing
“One thing I know”
Our Lord’s Temptation
Overcoming the World
Paul and the Seven Roman Officials
Paul’s Nephew
Paul’s Optimism
Paul’s Promptitude
Propitiation and Substitution, or, The Two Goats of Leviticus 16
Psalm 119
Qualities of a True Servant
“Safe to Land”
“Saved … Not of Works”
Science or the Bible—Which?
Seven “Buts” of Scripture
Seven Successive Steps
“Solomon’s Porch”
So Also is Christ
Spending All
Spiritual Expansion
Ten Thousand Thanks
“That is Plain”
“The Adoption”
The All-Sufficient One
The Angels and the Magi
The Attractive Power of Christ
The Attractive Power of Love
“The Beauty of the Lord”
“The Best Answer to Infidelity”
The Blessedness of Knowing Christ Himself
“The Blood of His Cross”
The Bridegroom
The Captain of the Lord’s Host
“The Clean Side of the Broad Road”
The Collapse of Christendom
The Coming King
“The Coming of the Lord Draws Nigh”
The Cross of Christ
The Day of Presentation
The End in View
The First War, and its Results
The Friend of the Bridegroom
The Gravity of Sin
The Hand of God
The Holiness of Grace (1)
The Holiness of Grace (2)
“The Horn of Salvation”
The Last Psalm
The Lord Delays His Coming
The Love of Christ (1)
The Love of Christ (2)
The Offence of the Cross (1)
The Offence of the Cross (2)
The Open Door
The Opened Eye
The Outlook
The Place for Self
The Power of the Word
The Preacher
The Present Period a Puzzle
The Rich Friend
The Risen Lord
The Road to Ford Castle
“The Same Yesterday and Today, and For Ever”
The Service and Servants of Christ
The Son of God
The Song of Habakkuk
The Stillness of Faith
The Three Bridges
The Three Great Confession Chapters
The Value of Practical Righteousness
The Voice of God in the War
The Way of Love in the Epistle to the Ephesians
The Wisdom of the Scriptures
The Word of God
“Then Shall the End Come”
“There is No God”
“This Blessedness”
“This is the Victory”
“Thomas … Called Didymus”
Truth and Love
“Turned Unto Tables”
Two Difficulties
Two Hundred Wise Men
Weep Not For Me
What Grace Does
What to Preach
“Wherefore God also Has Highly Exalted Him”
“Wherein Shall He Sleep?”
Whether of the Twain?
“Who is God?”
Who is Wise?
Who Should Evangelise?
“Whom Having Not Seen, Ye Love”
Why Should We Pray
“Woe unto them”
Worthy of the Calling
“Ye Ask Amiss”
You Must Get to the Bottom
Your Most Holy Faith
“Your Own Steadfastness”
Zeal Recovered and Maintained