Love’s Retreat

  Here would I ever be,
    Close to His side,
  Who in His love for me
    Willingly died.

  Here would I ever lie,
    Down on His breast,
  Proving so tenderly
    Heaven’s own rest.

  Here would I ever fall,
    Down at His feet,
  Gladly to share with all
    Love’s fond retreat.

  Thus shall my spirit have
    Calmest repose,
  When on life’s stormy wave,
    Or amid foes.

  Till my glad lip shall wake
    Heavenly song,
  And the bright morn shall break
    Cloudless and long.

  Then, Lord, my theme shall be
    Only Thy love,
  And in Thy Father’s house,
    Heaven above,

  I shall Thy beauty trace,
    Vision sublime,
  There see Thy wealth of grace,
    Glory divine.