Ten Thousand Thanks

Ten thousand thanks, my Father,
    I would render unto Thee,
  For all the heavenly blessing
    Thou hast bestowed on me.
  For Thou, in love, didst choose me
    Ere time had yet begun,
  That I should be before Thee
    Accepted in the Son;
  That I should be in sonship
    In the liberty of grace;
  That I might call Thee “Abba,”
    Till I behold Thy face;
  That I might now discover
    The glories of Thy Son,
  Who died and rose to save me
    And claim me for His own;
  That I the lovely story
    Of His lonely life below,
  Of His grace and truth and beauty
    Might seek, e’en now, to know.
  And thus, my God and Father,
    Should know Thee in Thy Son,
  In the joy of life eternal,
    Through the work that He has done.

  And then, for every mercy,
    That strews my pilgrim road,
  Most gladly do I thank Thee,
    My Father and my God;
  For childhood, youth, and manhood,
    All guarded by Thy power;
  For grace that now sustains me
    In each perplexing hour;
  For peace and joy and sunshine,
    To fill and cheer my heart,
  Till with my Lord, in glory,
    I have my blood-bought part;
  When the sorrows and the partings,
    Which mark this vale of tears,
  Shall be for ever banished
    In the endless year of years.

  Oh! keep me ever near Thee
    Until that happy day,
  When the present tribulation
    Shall all have passed away;
  When, in Thy heavenly mansions,
    We have reached our destined place,
  And shall celebrate for ever
    The glory of Thy grace.