The Road to Ford Castle

I knew a roadman who, as he went to his daily work, made it a point to ask the Lord to enable him not only to do his work well, but that he might be enabled to speak of Him to the passers-by during the day.

One day, after the early hours of the day had passed away with little opportunity to do what was on his heart, a gentleman with a fine buggy came along, but our friend the roadman feared to speak to such an one.

Just then the gentleman pulled up and said:
  “Can you tell me the road to Ford Castle?”
  This unexpected question opened the way for the roadman to carry out his desire.
  “Yes, sir,” he replied; “go straight along this road for four miles, and you will reach the castle.”
  “Thank you,” added the gentleman, touching his horse with his whip.
  “Beg pardon, sir,” said our friend, “may I ask if you can tell me the road to heaven?”
  “How can any one be sure of that?” replied the gentleman.
  “Are you sure, sir, that you are on the road to Ford?”
  “Certainly; you who know the way have told me, and I believe your word,” replied the gentleman.
  “Well, sir,” said the roadman, “God has told us the way to heaven, and I believe Him.”
  “And what is the way?” asked the gentleman.

Thus an opportunity was made for our friend to state with clearness the one and only way to heaven—Christ and the atonement He made for sinners who will receive Him.

“Well, now,” said the gentleman, “I have learned more in these ten minutes conversation than I had known before, and, to tell you the truth, I have written a book on ‘Faith,’ which I had intended to get printed, but now I see that it is all wrong. I will throw it into the fire when I get home!”