The Word of God

Bread is well called “the staff of life;” and if, for seventy years, a man has been supported and nourished, physically, by this “staff,” he not only is able to smile at the foolish person who would condemn such sustenance, but he is fully warranted in pronouncing, most favourably, on its virtues. He has given it ample and abundant proof. He is not readily shaken by his critic.

In like manner, if for, say fifty years, the believer in the Lord Jesus Christ has fed, spiritually, on the truths of the Bible, and has found in them food, drink, light, life, joy, instruction, comfort, correction, guidance, and richest blessing to his soul, he may not be, indeed, deaf to that which adverse criticism may have to say against such a well-known and well-tried guide (though he is persuaded that it will stand any and every test), but experience renders to him the repose of confidence in the unerring accuracy and truth of the Word of God on which he has leaned all that time, and which has never failed, nor deceived him by any false light, in shade or sunshine, defeat or victory. His best defence of that Word, if defence were needed, is simply the fact that he himself has proved it.

Does it seem miraculous that a man should stake everything on what God says? or that he should prove God to be true?