“Everlasting glory unto Jesus be!
    Sing aloud the story of His victory!
  How He left the splendour of His home on high,
    Came in love so tender, on the cross to die.

  Yes! He came from heaven, suffered in our stead;
    Praise to Him be given, our exalted head!
  Jesus, meek and lowly, came the lost to save;
    He the Victim Holy triumphed o’er the grave.

  We in death were lying, lost in hopeless gloom;
    Jesus by His dying vanquished e’en the tomb!
  Burst its iron portal, rolled away the stone,
    Rose in life immortal to the Father’s throne.

  Christ the Lord is risen, sing we now today!
    Freed are we from prison, Christ our debt did pay;
  Sing aloud, and never cease to spread His fame!
    Triumph, triumph ever in the Saviour’s fame.”