The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit.

Seven Lectures.
by S. Ridout.
New York
Loizeaux Brothers, Bible Truth Depot, 1 East 13th Street.
Printed at The Bible Truth Press, 1 East 13th Street, New York.
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Lecture 1.
The Holy Spirit in the Dispensations — Before Christ; the Present Age; the Millennium
Lecture 2.
The Holy Spirit in Salvation — Conviction; Regeneration; Sealing; Assurance
Lecture 3.
The Holy Spirit in Sanctification — Indwelling; Communion; Anointing; Prayer; The Walk in the Spirit.
Lecture 4.
The Holy Spirit in the Church — Baptism of the Spirit; Unity of the Spirit; Gifts of the Spirit; Worship by the Spirit.
Lecture 5.
The Holy Spirit for Power — Filled with the Spirit; Confession; Boldness; Guidance; Ministry
Lecture 6.
The Holy Spirit and the Scriptures — Inspiration; Enlightenment; Prophecy.
Lecture 7.
The Holy Spirit and Christ — Before His Incarnation; During His Earthly Life; the Present Dispensation; the Coming of the Lord.

Prefatory Note.

The following pages give the substance of a series of lectures upon the Person and work of the Holy Spirit. They are put before the reader in the hope that, spite of feebleness in presentation, the attention may be drawn to that which is the distinguishing mark of Christianity. It is a sad fact that there is not only an ignorance of this great subject on the part of most of God's people, but an ignoring of it by many who are acquainted with it. It is hoped that some will get the light of the truth, and that others may be stirred afresh to act upon the light they have.

The method of treating the subject has been simply to gather the various scriptures under appropriate heads, and to learn their meaning. Unscriptural views, both as to corporate and individual truth, have been frankly examined and tested by the word of God. It need hardly be said that edification in love, and not controversy, has been the object. The truth of God is for all His people, and not for a select few.

The hymns sung have been added as appropriate to the theme, and thus helpful in fixing the truths presented, while they form a suited expression of the praise that ever follows the heart's appreciation of the things of God.

May that blessed One, the theme of these pages, make use of them for the help and profit of the Lord's beloved people.

{The hymns are taken from the "Little Flock Hymn Book".}

S. Ridout.