Major Works of W J Hocking

Biographical Note


The Son of His Love — Papers on the Eternal Sonship

Chapter  1. — Introductory Remarks: coming forth from the Father; with Appendix A.
Chapter  2. — The Father's Love
Chapter  3. — The Beloved of the Father
Chapter  4. — Loved and in the Glory of Sonship before the World's Foundation
Chapter  5. — The only-begotten Son of God
Chapter  6. — The Word with God: the Only-begotten with the Father; with Appendix B.
Chapter  7. — Jehovah saluting his Son
Chapter  8. — New Testament use of the Second Psalm
Chapter  9. — Image and Firstborn One; with Appendix C.
Chapter 10. — The Firstborn
Chapter 11. — The Fullness of the Godhead
Chapter 12. — The Father's Audible Witness to the Son
Chapter 13. — The Son, Himself God and Jehovah, as God's Spokesman; with Appendix D.
Chapter 14. — Before the Foundation of the World and before the Ages of Time
Chapter 15. — The Manifestation in the Son
Chapter 16. — Concluding Remarks: Sonship and Service

Studies in the Gospel of Mark

Studies in the Book of Ruth

Part A. Bethlehem forsaken for Moab
Part B. Back to Bethlehem
Part C. Ruth the Stranger in the Fields of Boaz
Part D. Ruth the Suppliant at the Feet of Boaz
Part E. Boaz becomes the Kinsman-Redeemer
Part F. Joy for Naomi and Fame for Boaz
Part G. A Typical Outline of Israel's Final Restoration
Part H. Ruth as a Vessel of Divine Mercy

Fellowship, Worship and Worldliness

— A Selection of Six Memorial Hall Addresses

Address 1. — Fellowship its Breach and its Recovery
Address 2. — The Spiritual Value of Divine Omniscience
Address 3. — The Lord's Words to the Last Three Churches in Asia
Address 4. — The Altar of Worship
Address 5. — The Sin of Achan
Address 6. — The World against Christ and the Christian

Christ and His Church

— Eight Addresses at Wildfell Hall, London.

Lecture 1 Christ and the Building of His Church
Lecture 2 Christ and the Communion Service of His Church
Lecture 3 Christ and the Various Members of His Body
Lecture 4 Christ and His Love, Care, and Purpose for His Church
Lecture 5 The Church at Pentecost
Lecture 6 The Church Growing and Multiplying
Lecture 7 The Church in Decay and Disorder
Lecture 8 The Church and the Lord's Supper


Christ the Propitiatory
The Church at Prayer
The Salvation of God
Christian Marriage
Our Living Lord
Conversion to God
The Rapture of the Church and the Appearing of the Lord
Salvation Possessed and Known
Leaven Leavening the Lump
A Conversation on Dress
The Old Bondage and the New Service
The Heavenly Mind on Earth
The Cry of the Suffering Christ
The Path of the Just in a Day of Apostasy
The Seventy Weeks of Daniel
Counsel for the Last Days
Robes for Worship and Light to Shine
The Institution and Observance of the Lord's Supper
Golden Apples in Silver Dishes
Speaking with Tongues

Letters to Young Believers

First Series

First Series 1. On Reading the Scriptures
First Series 2. Reverent and Habitual Prayer
First Series 3. Hindrances to Prayer
First Series 4. Humility of Mind
First Series 5. Remembering the Words
First Series 6. Eye-service as Men-pleasers
First Series 7. Piety at Home
First Series 8. Ejaculatory Prayer
First Series 9. Confessing Christ
First Series 10. Concerning the Collection
First Series 11. An Undivided Heart
First Series 12. Deaf Sheep
First Series 13. Speaking Unadvisedly
First Series 14. Naaman's Little Maid
First Series 15. The Lord's Day
First Series 16. Serving the Lord
First Series 17. Knowing the Scriptures
First Series 18. Personal Communion
First Series 19. The Thoughts of the Heart
First Series 20. Seizing the Lion's Beard
First Series 21. Following His Steps
First Series 22. On Late-comers
First Series 23. The Lord's Supper
First Series 24. The Tree of the First Psalm
First Series 25. The Field of the Slothful
First Series 26. Bible Arithmetic
First Series 27. The Two Mites
First Series 28. The Use and Abuse of a Concordance
First Series 29. A Bottle for our Tears
First Series 30. The Writer of the Epistle to the Hebrews
First Series 31. Biblical Difficulties

New Series
New Series 1. On Letting the Light Shine
New Series 2. The Desires of the Heart
New Series 3. Thanking God and Taking Courage
New Series 4. Waiting for the Son from Heaven
New Series 5. Why go Wrong?
New Series 6. Yod's Dream
New Series 7. Strength and Song
New Series 8. An Ornament of Grace
New Series 9. The Trumpet and the Torch
New Series 10. Seeing Him as He is
New Series 11. Lifting up the Eyes
New Series 12. The Danger of Secret Sin
New Series 13. The Old and the New, or the Two Natures
New Series 14. The Man and the Pool
New Series 15. Spreading Forth the Hands to Swim
New Series 16. What is that in thine hand?
New Series 17. Waxing Valiant in Fight
New Series 18. Nob and Nod, and Their Warnings
New Series 19. The Armour of Light
New Series 20. Building Towers and Digging Wells
New Series 21. The Bushel and the Bed
New Series 22. The Morning Portion
New Series 23. The Bones of the Bible
New Series 24. Hearing and Doing
Third Series
Third Series 10. The Lamp and the Light 20. Heavenly Savings Certificates 21. First the blade

Thoughts (L C Hocking)