John, the Penman of the Apocalypse.

J. G. Bellett.

from Miscellaneous Papers

(R. L. Allan)

In the progress of this book we see John moved by different affections. He trembles in Rev. 1:17; he weeps in Rev. 5:4; he wonders with great admiration in Rev. 17:6; he loses himself in worshipping delight in Rev. 19:10 and Rev. 22:8.

That is, he trembles in the presence of the judicial glory of the Son of man; he weeps at the sight of a sealed book, which, had it been unsealed, would have told secrets about Jesus; he marvels at the sight of Christendom's apostacy; he loses himself in joy when he hears of the marriage of the Lamb, and when he sees the Bride of the Lamb.

What suited affections! what creations of the Holy Ghost in the soul of a saint! He never trembles, after the One who was alive tells him not to fear. He that had the keys of death and hades encourages him: and that, surely, is enough for us.