J. G. Bellett

Biographical Note

See also: Recollections of the late J. G. Bellett;
The Memory of a Dearly Loved and Only Son.

The Patriarchs

Being Meditiations upon —

The Canticles.
Heaven and Earth.

The Evangelists

being Meditations upon the Four Gospels.

On the Gospel by John
On the Gospel by Luke.
On the Gospel by Matthew.
On the Gospel by Mark.
The Characters of the Lord Jesus Christ in the Gospels.

The Minor Prophets


Other Books

Short Meditations on the Psalms,
The Son of God.
Notes from meditations on Luke.
Showers on the Grass.
Paul's Apostleship and Epistles.
The Moral Glory of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Witnesses for God
Short Meditations on Elisha
Musings on the Epistle to the Hebrews.
Woollen and Linen.
Answers to Objections (In relation to the Rapture)
Notes on Joshua.

Short meditations

  1. The Mornings of Scripture.
  2. Samson's Riddle.
  3. God's Great Ordinance.
  4. The Saviour and the Sinner.
  5. Quotations
  6. Communion
  7. The Secret of Life.
  8. Convicted Yet Confiding.
  9. Flesh and Faith: Their Energies  from the First.
  10. Abraham in Genesis 18, 19.
  11. Exodus 12, 13.
  12. The Cloudy Pillar.
  13. Exodus 6.
  14. Exodus 33 — Leviticus 9.
  15. Exodus 35 - 39.
  16. Exodus 33 - 40.
  17. A Thought on Exodus 40 and Acts 2.
  18. The Heavenly Calling and the Church.
  19. The Atonement Money.
  20. The Kinsman.
  21. The Redemption of the Inheritance.
  22. The Bitten Israelite.
  23. Rich in God.
  24. Glories.
  25. Ruth.
  26. The Altar at Bethel.
  27. The Shunamite.
  28. 2 Chronicles 6:1-2.
  29. Nehemiah 8.
  30. Peace.
  31. Day of Visitation — Bethsaida.
  32. Journeys to Jerusalem.
  33. The Two Debtors.
  34. The Accomplished Decease.
  35. Divine Manifestations.
  36. Divine Intimacy.
  37. Conscience.
  38. The Journey to Samaria.
  39. Samaria — Galilee — Judea.
  40. Bethesda.
  41. Peter in John 21.
  42. The Son of Man in Heaven.
  43. Paul at Miletus.
  44. The Obedience of Faith.
  45. Faith.
  46. Justification by Faith.
  47. Eras of Resurrection.

Booklets and Articles

Thoughts on 2 Corinthians.
The Two Rich Men.
The Two Tribes and a Half.
Three Things.
Afflictions and Consolations.
Belshazzar's Feast in its Application to the Great Exhibition.
A Letter to a Bereaved Brother.
The Birth of Jesus.
The Bride of the Lamb.
The Heavenly Calling Foreshown.
God's Call out of the Earth.
A Meditation on Canticles.
The Parable of the Cedar and the Two Eagles.
Christ Our Prophet.
The Church at Thessalonica.
The Claims of God's Sovereignty and Holiness.
Elijah the Tishbite. (from Christian Friend magazine)
Elijah and Obadiah. (from Christian Friend magazine)
Elijah and the Prophets of Baal. (from Christian Friend magazine)
Jesus Christ come in flesh.
The Nearness of the Glory.
The Confederacies of Men and the Judgments of God.
Confusion and Order.
Different Conversions.
Extracts from Correspondence.
No Fellowship with Dishonour to Christ.
Jehovah, Jesus, — Son of David and Son of God.
The Translation of Elijah.
Brief Notes on the Epistle to the Ephesians.
On Christian Experience.
An Extract.
Extracts from Letters.
Extract from a Letter.
A Fair Show in the Flesh.
Every Family in Heaven and on Earth.
The Father.
Fragment of Letter.
"By faith of the Son of God."
A Brief Word on the Epistle to the Galatians.
The Garden of Eden.
The Good Confession before Pontius Pilate.
The Glory in the Cloud.
The Glory of God.
God Entering His Temples.
God Manifest in the Flesh.
Grace and Glory.
The Heir of All Things.
Herod and John.
The Person and Deity of the Holy Ghost.
Divine Intimacy.
Isaiah 52:13-53.
Isaiah 66.
An Introduction to Isaiah.
Israel and Jerusalem in the Times of Refreshing.
Jacob in Egypt.
The Lord Jesus in John 11, 12.
The Lord Jesus in John 1:43 — John 2.
John, the Penman of the Apocalypse.
Thoughts on John.
King Saul.
The Sons of Korah.
Latter Times and Last Days.
A Letter.
A Letter.
Extracts from letters.
A Letter — Jeremiah.
The Link between Heaven and Earth.
The Lord's Supper.
The Lord's Supper:
Thoughts on the Lord's Supper.
The Manner of the Love of Jesus.
Mary and Martha.
Matthew 21, 22, 23.
Matthew 24, 25.
Thoughts on Matthew 24, 25.
A Meditation.
Millennial Glory.
Moses's Loss of Canaan.
Moses's Heavenly Glory.
The Mount of God.
A Letter on Neutrality as to Christ,
New Creation.
The New Creation.
Nothing But Christ.
Patriarchal Faith.
The Pilgrim Fathers.
"Christ pleased Not Himself."
The Potter's Broken Vessel.
The Redemption of the Purchased Possession.
Interesting Reminiscences
Christ a Reprover.
Restoration and Communion.
Musings on the Apocalypse.
Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth.
Thoughts on Romans 6 - 8.
The Schools of the Prophets.
Separation and Worship.
The Queen of Sheba
The Queen of Sheba and the Eunuch.
Salvation and Conflict.
Strangership and Citizenship.
The All-Sufficiency of Grace.
The Temple of God and Its Worship.
"That Fox."
The Threshing Floor of Ornan the Jebusite.
The Trial of Jealousy.
Waiting for the Son from Heaven.
Walk in the Spirit.
The Watcher and the Holy One.