Salvation and Conflict.

J. G. Bellett.

Christian Friend vol. 16, 1889, p. 185.

The three salvations are the fruit of three different things; first, the salvation of the soul by faith — this is the fruit of faith; second, the present energy and fruit of the Holy Ghost is the intermediate salvation; thirdly, the salvation of the body is the fruit of hope.

There are two blessed things of God in which we can array ourselves — the power of God, and the love of God. The former we get in the first chapter of Ephesians, the latter in the third chapter. These chapters furnish the man fitted for the armour; this man of God finds himself in the citadel of the power and love of God. You must get your soldier first, a man in the Lord. The armour is the second thing; the man strong in the power and love of God is the one fit for the armour, the new man in Christ, and an earthly inheritance is not for him; he has to fight for the throne, not for the footstool.

"Loins girt about with truth," I judge, is interpreted in Ephesians 4:24 — keeping the affections of the inner man Godward; second, a good conscience outward — man presenting becoming behaviour "in holiness of the truth." Nothing is divine that is disconnected with truth; every thing that is divine has its source in the truth, the seed of God. There is much in the world that assumes to be holiness; but if there be holiness, if there be love, these must be in the truth — there must be a new divine stamp on the affections.

In the midst of the battle our victory is to trample on the serpent, but to be trodden under foot by the lion, to have our bodies trampled on, in the street of the great city. The victory of Christ was the turning-point; till then, defeat was shame in Israel; now it is the contrary. The book of Joshua is a living book of wisdom, and wisdom is justified of her children. (v. 15.) Is it not strange that the gospel of peace should be used in the field of battle? (v. 16.) A worshipper bows his head and lets a tide of blessing flow over — this is faith. J. G. B.