A Motto : Say Little! Serve All! Pass On!

  SAY LITTLE: winds the peaceful sea disturb,
  And forests rend.
  Give answer soft: venomed invective curb,
  And discord end.
  With grace, like sweet upon the bitter sprent,
  Let the unpalatable truth be blent.

  SERVE ALL: the Master’s plaudit to obtain,
  Who Son Divine
  A Slave became, and shall a Slave remain—
  This mind be thine.
  From this example let not empty pride
  Thy pure appreciative soul divide.

  PASS ON: A pilgrim on thy heavenward way,
  Nor seek a name
  Where others headlong rush into the fray
  For worldly fame:
  Await thy Lord’s “well done” in quietness,
  And not by words but actions love express.