James Boyd

Mr James Boyd's printed ministry and poetry are included on the STEM site with heartfelt thanks to Andrew Langham, who pains-takingly scanned many of the articles.

Sources of Articles

SECTION 1: Books, or Large Series of Articles

The Authority of the Word of God
The Way of Life Lectures in Scandinavia 1904.
God our Saviour
Is it the Truth?
New Birth and Eternal Life
Phraseology, Tradition, and the Word of God
The Authority of Scripture
The Glad Tidings of God and the Mystery of the Gospel
The Heavenly Calling
The Second Coming of Christ
The World to Come in Relation to the Father’s House and Kingdom
Notes of Addresses on the Second Epistle to Timothy.
Salvation and Eternal Life
A Letter on the House of God

SECTION 2: Commentaries in Magazines

Meditations on Daniel
Light and Life (Meditations on the Gospel and Epistles of John)
Thoughts on the Roman Epistle (chapters 1-8)
The Ephesian Epistle
Light for a Dark Day (Notes on 2 Timothy)
Thoughts on John’s First Epistle

SECTION 3: Magazine Articles

A Few Thoughts on Eternal Life
A Glorified Saviour
Abiding in the Doctrine
Adoption According to God’s Counsels
Antichrists, the World, and the Wicked One—and the One who Overcomes Them
Blessing and Cursing
Can “the Higher Critics” be Trusted?
Christ as Law for the Universe
Christ made unto us Wisdom
Christ, the Test of Everything
Christian Conflict
Contending For the Faith (The General Epistle of Jude)
Death and Life
Deliverance (1)
Deliverance (2)
Divine Healing
Divine Love
Eternal Punishment
Everlasting Punishment
Five Addresses on John’s Gospel
God and the War
“God, and the Word of His Grace”
God: His Counsels—His Ways—His Acts
God Making Himself Known
God Revealed
God’s Approach to Man
God’s Great Gift
God’s Purpose in the Gospel
God’s Searchings
God’s Thoughts
Grace for the Gentile
Hallelujah! (1)
Have We a Revelation From God?
His Commandment
Hold Fast
In Christ (1)
“In Christ” (2)
In Flesh, and Under Law
Is Jesus God?
Jesus Our Study
John’s First Epistle and Fellowship
Joy in Heaven
Justifier and Judge
Law and Grace
Letter Written on the Death of Mrs J.F.Mawson
Life and Incorruptibility
Living Stones and Priests
Love is of God
No Imputation—No Separation
Not of this World
“Of God in Christ Jesus”
Our Lord’s Second Advent
Part with Me
“Part With Me” and The Father’s House
Resurrection (1)
Resurrection (2)
Righteousness and Life
Salvation (1)
Satisfaction (1)
Separation from Evil and Division
That Day
The All-Sufficiency of the Sacred Writings
The Ark of the Covenant and the Mercy Seat
The Blessed Man
The Blessings of a Man in Christ
The Body and Blood of Christ
The Christ—Could He Sin?
The Claims of God
The Creator with His Creature
The Cross (1)
The Cross (2)
The Cross (3)
The Father’s Love (1)
The Gift of the Holy Spirit
The Gift, the Work, and the Rest of God
The Godhead of our Lord Jesus
The Grace of Our Lord Jesus
The Great Supper
The Greatness of Christ
The Headship of Christ
The Heart of Man and the Heart of God
The Heavenly
The Hebrew Epistle
The Heirs of Promise
The Holy Scriptures
The Hope of the Church
“The Hour is Come”
The House of God (1)
The House of God (2)
The Incarnation of the Son
The Kingdom of God
The Lord Possessed Me
The Love of Christ (1)
The Love of Christ (2)
The Love of Christ (3)
The Love of Christ for His Assembly
The Love of God (1)
The Love of God (2)
The Man of God
The New Covenant
The Night of Man’s Transgression dispelled by the Sun of Righteousness
The Old Man, the New Man, and the Flesh
The Path of Life and Paul’s Deliverance, Reckoning, and Persuasion
The Present Truth
The Priesthood of Believers
The Promise of the Father
The Prospect (1)
The Purpose of God
The Report
The Rich Man and Lazarus
The Righteous Father and “Thy Name”
The Salvation of the Soul
The Sinlessness of the Lord Jesus
The Son of God is Come
The Son of Man
The Sufferings of Christ upon the Cross for our Sins
The Testimonies of God and the Consequences of Refusing them
The Thoughts of God (1)
The Thoughts of God (2)
The True Light
The Two Covenants
The Unchanging One (1)
The Unchanging One (2)
The Visible and the Invisible
The Way Out
The Work of God
The World and the Father
The World to Come
The Writing of God
Things Above
Things that Cannot be Moved
Thoughts on the Church as the Body and Bride of Christ
Thy Name
To a Young Man in Soul Difficulties
Under Sin
Various Ways in Which the Christ is Viewed in Scripture
Washing Each Other’s Feet
Why Believers Suffer
Wisdom and Folly

SECTION 4: Volumes of Poetry

(The Story of the Glory and Other Poems.
Poems of Grace and Glory.)

SECTION 5: Poetry (from magazines)

A Cry for Peace
A Motto : Say Little! Serve All! Pass On!
Christ Everything
Christ Triumphant
Come (1)
Come (2)
Come, Morning Star
Confidence (1)
Confidence (2)
Counsels of Love
God is Love
“God was in Christ”
Hallelujah (2)
Hallelujah (3)
“He Maketh the Storm a Calm”
Homeward Bound
Hope’s Rejoicings
Hymn of Praise
Jesus Only
Let Him that Heareth Say, Come
Our Desires
Psalm 84:7
Request for Light
Salvation (2)
Salvation’s Song
Satisfaction (2)
Sovereign Love
The Bridegroom’s Voice
The Bright Morning Star
The Christian’s Life
The Father’s Council
The Father’s Love (2)
“The First-born”
The Grace of the Father’s Heart
The Great Day
The Heart’s Desire
The Heart’s Longing
The Heavenly City
The Love of Christ (4)
The Mystery
The Pre-eminence of Jesus
The Prospect (2)
The Risen Christ
The Same
The Son
The Son of God
The Tabernacles of God
The Voice of Jesus
Thine Only
To Die is Gain
What thinkest thou of Christ?
Where Dwellest Thou?—What Seek Ye?—Come and See
“Whose I Am”