“The SON OF GOD”—the living Father’s gift,
    Creator of the world and things supernal,
  Sent here in grace the sons of men to lift
    And place them in the light of love eternal.
  Loved ever mortal after such a fashion?
  Dwelt in the creature ever such compassion?

  “WHO LOVED ME ”—me—debased, deceived, defiled;
    Hateful to Him as sin to all that’s holy.
  And by the subtle serpent baned, beguiled,
    A scorner of the One so meek and lowly.
  And yet on me He set His love immortal,
  When lost I lay at death’s horrific portal.

  “AND GAVE HIMSELF”—not silver, no, nor gold,
    Nor wealth of worlds, nor costly things created.
  Himself! What grace! That on Him might be rolled
    The sins which His heart’s blood has expiated.
  This gift, this love, my soul shall ever treasure:
  Love gave the gift; the gift the love doth measure.

  “FOR ME”—the wide world welcome is to claim
    An interest in the sacrifice He offered;
  But, as for me, He bore the sin and shame
    For me: and for my trespasses He suffered.
  I claim Him mine, tho’ hell that claim resisted,
  As tho’ no sinner but myself existed.