Come (2)

  Come, Lord, in Thy might and Thy glory!
    We know Thou wilt make no delay,
  But earth with transgression is hoary,
    And the darkness is deep’ning today—
  Come! Come! O come!
    For the light of the morning we pray.

  That world which will burst into being
    When beneath Thee the heavens shall bow,
  And the shadows of night shall be fleeing,
    Its light fills our souls even now—
  Come! Come! O come!
    With Thy diadems bright on Thy brow.

  To Thy sheep and Thy lambs distant straying
    Over mountain and moorland afar
  The scoffers around us are saying
    All things must remain as they are—
  Come! Come! O come!
    All-glorious and bright Morning Star.

  O come! Put an and to our wandering,
    To sighing and sorrow of heart.
  We reap what we’ve sown in our pandering
    To earth and the world’s wicked art—
  Come! Come! O come!
    Bid the sin and the sorrow depart.

  Put an end to the reign of oppression,
    To lawlessness, death, and decay,
  To pestilence, famine, transgression,
    Drive the vapours of hades away—
  Come! Come! O come!
    From the powerful deliver the prey.

  O come! Bid Thy church rise to meet Thee,
    Thy bride Thou hast bought with Thy blood.
  Give the groaning creation to greet Thee,
    Give the nations the knowledge of God—
  Come! Come! O come!
    Bright Sun, spread Thy healing abroad.

  In Thy majesty, Lord, and Thy splendour,
    Unchangeable Lover divine,
  Almighty Redeemer, Defender,
    Shine forth for the blessing of Thine—
  Come! Come! O come!
    Bid the earth hear the corn and the wine.